Torus organelle morphology and motility
Shown is a time series acquired from a hypocotyl epidermal cell of transgenic line C2 expressing an out of frame GFP fusion protein. The time series shows several torus-shaped organelles. There appear to exist two populations; doughnut shaped organelles and more motile tubular forms of the same organelle. Several examples of the doughnut shaped structures converting into motile tubular forms can be seen throughout the movie. The torus structures are approximately 1 micron across. Images frames were acquired at 3 second intervals and are shown in the movie at 10 frames per second.
Time series of root epidermal cells expressing tag 38-5. By contrast to the hypocotyle cell series shown above, the labeled organelles in these cells are predominently tubular in shape. The time series shows the high motility of these tubular structures. Image frames were aquired at 3 second intervals and are shown at 10 frames per second.

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