Clontech - Source for codon-optimized fluorescent protein clones. A lot of useful information about using fluorescent proteins, including spectra.

    Chroma - Filter sets for fluorescence microscopy. Specialized filter sets for dual FP imaging and FRET.

    Invitrogen/Molecular Probes - The mothership for fluorescent cell probes. An enourmous amount of information including molecular structures, spectra, references, images, and detailed descriptions of probe use.


    LOCI - Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation. Freeware for manipulation and analysis of 4D image data sets.

    3D laser scanning confocal microscopy - Collection of imaging software links for a variety of platforms compiled and annotated by Lance Ladic at UBC.

    ImageJ - Wayne Rasband's free and versatile imaging program for the Macintosh. Be sure to check out his new Image/J package, a JAVA-based application.

    More software links

GFP-related lab sites

Plant GFP sites

    Haseloff lab - Excellent site featuring GFP enhancer trap lines and patterned expression of transgenes in the analysis of Arabidopsis root development.

    Hansen lab - Plastid dynamics studied with GFP.

    Hawes lab - Plant golgi labeled with GFP.

Arabidopsis sites

    TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource. Database of genomic and literature data and comprehensive information resource for the Arabidopsis research community.

    Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center - Stock center for Arabidopsis seed and DNA resources; clones, libraries, etc.

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