Equipment and protocols


Leica SP5 AOBS point scanning spectral confocal microscope

Spinning disk 2: Yokogawa CSU-X spinning disk confocal microscope with FLIM detection, laser scanning FRAP/Activation, SAC (Spherical Aberration Correction)

Spinning disk 1: Yokogawa CSU-10 spinning disk confocal microscope

Optical bench TIRF microscope

Ratio imaging 1

Ratio imaging 2

Dissecting fluorescence microscopes


Cell Injection and Electrophysiology

Injection equipment and technique

Stage chambers for perfusion and tempertaure control



Metamorph - Molecular Devices

Microscope automation and image acquisition

Slidebook - Intelligent Imaging Innovations

Microscope automation and image acquisition

Widefield deconvolution

LAS - Leica

Microscope automation and image acquisition

ImageJ (Mac) - Freeware. Wayne Rasband, NIH.

Matlab - The Math Works Inc.

Imaris - Bitplane

Image processing and analysis, 3D rendering and quantitation. Integration with Matlab.


Dunk/Spray protocol for expression library transformation