Bubbles and other variants
In some Q-ball lines, a variety of curious bubble-like structures can be observed. Shown here are two time series from line 301b. The series at left shows a double bubble, a sphere within a sphere. The structure is situated at the end of a hypocotyl epidermal cell. Image frames were aquired approximately every two seconds, and are played back at 10 frames a second.
The time series at right was also aquired from hypocotyl epidermal cells. These "theta" structures appear as if two spheres have fused side by side with a planar partition between them. Punctate patches and strands of fluorescence can be seen inside the labeled shells of each structure. Same aquisition and playback parameters as the series at left.
The above stuctures resemble minimal energy configurations, such as are seen with soap films. One possibility is that these structures are artifactual distortions of a membrane compartment caused by over-expression of the fusion protein.
Tag 301b is an out of frame fusion to a non-Arabidopsis sequence, the tetR gene. This fusion was likely generated from vector sequences during construction of the library.

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