Available materials
Seed. Most tag lines will be available as seed stocks from the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC). In the meantime, you may contact us directly with materials inquiries. All tags are in a Col 0 background.

We have selected a subset of these lines as a recommended basic set. This set highlights a variety of compartments, but does not contain all observed variations in pattern. See the Tag Gallery for additional information.

DNA. Some tags will be available from the stock center as clones in a binary expression vector (pEGAD). Only tags that have been verified after re-transformation or particle bombardment will be sent to the ABRC. Other cloned tags will be submitted to the stock center when they are verified.
Information. Raw sequences, Genbank hits, the status of each tag line, and other comments on the tags are available on this web site in the Tag Gallery. We are also going to make this information available in a searchable format as a down-loadable File Maker Pro database. Check back soon for this file.

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